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TigerTec was founded in 2009 by partners from China and the United States who had worked closely together for the previous six years. Our mission is to provide the best quality CNC routers to our customers. Our main products are CNC routers for woodworking, sign making, cutting plastics, making molds, and other uses. We can supply custom machines for customers with special needs and we offer many options including mist cooling systems for metal working, automatic lubrication systems, and boring units for woodworking. Also we can provide a choice of spindles to meet our customers’ needs including Chinese water cooled spindles, Italian HSD spindles, and Italian Colombo spindles. For control systems we offer Mach3 PC based controller from USA and DSP control system from China.

We have a sales engineering team with many years of experience and service engineers who can provide training to dealers and customers who request support.

We are happy to cooperate with and support our CNC router customers around the world. We strive to provide quality machines and service to earn our good reputation in the world market.